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Erythroniums advice please.
A few years ago I bought 4 plants and lost 3 in the first year. The remaining one has thrived and expanded to make a small clump which has been one of the joys of spring. Unfortunately, while trying to dig out the roots of the thug houttiniya which has swamped the border, I flicked out my precious erythronium bulbs which I know hate disturbance! I've realized the border is going to need another going over to try to eradicate the houttiniya so what is the best way to preserve the erythroniums? Would they be happy in a pot and if so what soil conditions? I understand they like leafmould. Could I then replant them and if so when? Thank you.



Yes put the erithroniums in a pot for now, I wouldn't worry about using leaf mould as they will be dormant by now, keep them dry over summer. Replant in the ground in autumn in a good loamy soil and add some leaf mould if you have any.

16 Jul, 2017


I agree with Mg put them in a pot and they will be fine. I did this about 6 yrs ago when I was digging a border. they are still fine in the garden.

16 Jul, 2017


Thanks Moongrower and Seaburngirl, I will do as you say and hope for the best!

18 Jul, 2017

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