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Can I safely trim the branches of this beautiful boy please? I don't want to hurt him.




If you must you can remove the lower branches completely but that is all. If you cut the rowing tips of any of the other branches they will look very odd.

16 Jul, 2017


Thanks very much for your reply and help Moon grower!
I will give the lower section a trim.
Just trying to keep the neighbour happy as she feels it is rotting her fence.

17 Jul, 2017


In that case I wouldn't do anything at all... what makes her think this? Are any of the branches actually touching the fence?

17 Jul, 2017


The branches that she trimmed were brushing against the top of her fence. I guess the lower branches are touching my side of the fence. I think that she just doesn't like large trees.

19 Jul, 2017


I seriously doubt the tree is causing her fence to rot... simply needs replacing.

19 Jul, 2017


Thanks for your help. I will keep you informed. I shall try and gently cut back the lower section. Is it true that if I cut the top off at around a foot of it's height it will stop getting any taller? It's a great tree. I bought it in a tiny pot as a Christmas tree about 8 years ago. It was only about a foot tall.

20 Jul, 2017


Yes you can cut the leader out but it will look pretty awful...and a new leader will appear. Given the tree has grown that much in 8 years you might need to ask yourself if it is the right tree for the garden, beautiful or no it is certainly large and you garden and you and your neighbour's homes seem quite close together.

20 Jul, 2017


Yes I agree! What can I do tho? It would break my heart to chop it down. I would gladly dig it up and give it to a loving home/garden.

23 Jul, 2017


Digging it up isn't a possibility Jontoli, we've all planted shrubs and trees and, at some point, had to bite the bullet when we realised they were far to large for the space they were in.

23 Jul, 2017


Thanks very much for all your help Moon grower! I will have to have a good think.

29 Jul, 2017

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