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Need help please - My Jasmines have been hacked down yesterday - am I back to 'square one'?

I have had three Jasmine plants in my garden for 7 years growing up a garage wall on seperate trellis's. When they reach the top of the wall they attach to the guttering. Over the years, I usually just trim the top. My husband, who doesn't have a clue about gardening, decided to cut it down from the guttering and has hacked it right down to the top of the trellis. As I didn't have much growth at the bottom this year, there's hardly any growth left now.
I am distraught, as they were all lovely bushy and thick before and now just left with a thin layer of foliage like the first year.




They should be fine , just make sure you keep well watered over the summer but I wouldn't feed its a bit late in the year as you want the new shoots to toughen up before winter and feeding may make them tender to frost etc.
Jasmine is a tough plant you should see fresh shoots appearing in about 4 or 5 weeks.
And your husband on a short chain !!

18 Jul, 2017


Thanks - I was debating whether or not to give feeds. Was concerned cutting them right down at the wrong time of year would affect them. Husband is the Dog House!!!!

18 Jul, 2017


There should be enough reserved energy in the root system to regenerate a new top. Just take care of as you always have and it should grow back quickly. Have a talk with your husband oh how to prune the jasmines. They are pretty forgiving vines.

18 Jul, 2017

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