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Aaaah - the leaves have gone droopy and fallen off my pepper plants over night.

The soil was still damp this morning and they were fed two days ago.

Last night they were doing so well. I have a cayenne and a tequila pepper.

I don't know what to do with them.

They are in pots and are sitting in an open cold frame.

Help ! :(




Sounds as if you have over watered them.

Are they planted in multipurpose compost ? if yes it holds too much water around the roots I grow all mine in a john innes soil based compost with added grit which drains very quickly and I only water once the soil is dry I dont keep damp others may not agree as we all have out own methods how to grow plants ..

all is not lost just leave them alone and dont water them , hopefully they should pick up

18 Jul, 2017


Thank you !

18 Jul, 2017


What did you feed them? Just curious. I hope they recovered for you.

18 Jul, 2017


Liquid a vegetable plant food from our nursery

18 Jul, 2017


If you can possibly transplant them into the ground, I think they would do much better. I don't know why they went droopy. They can quickly turn into small trees and I wonder if the pot can support them especially when they start producing peppers.

18 Jul, 2017


I have loads of peppers on them already. I don't know what's happened

19 Jul, 2017


So sorry to hear this- very disappointing. Don't know why this happened but on different tack if you are dealing with fruit rather than leaf veg its better to feed with a high potash fertilizer once the plants are growing well. Potash encourages flowering and fruiting, while general fertilizer has a bigger proportion of nitrogen which encourages a lot of leafy growth. And don't over feed - more isn't better.

19 Jul, 2017

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