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Hey,I'm really in a distress now

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I'm really in a distress now. I live in Houston and I just bought Dracaena Massangeana four days ago from IKEA. It was green and healthy in the store. However, yesterday, it began to die. Its leaves are covered with brown moist-looking thing. Some have beem covered all and dying. (I attached pictures).
I really need your help because I'm really sad since I love plants.

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Hi and welcome to GoY... What are the conditions you kept your Dracaena since you took it home. There is also the possibility it was not properly card for when at Ikea! For info on how to go copy and paste the link below

19 Jul, 2017


If its only been 4 days,unless you left it outdoors in full sun, or in the car with heat and too much sunlight for a while, that's too soon for it to be something you've done - I'd take it back to IKEA

19 Jul, 2017


When I carried it to my home, I only put it in my car for around 20 minutes. Wehn I got home, I watered it and placed it around 5 feet away from the window. I really have no idea what caused this problem.

19 Jul, 2017


Did you have the air conditioning running when you put it in the car, and then drive straight home, or did you stop at another store for 20 minutes--quite long enough for the car's temperature to rise to 140ยบ F, and cook the leaves? If so, it was probably evident when you brought it home, but probably only to the practiced eye. Later, the damage becomes obvious. as the cells turn to mush. We see it pretty often here in Phoenix, AZ.

20 Jul, 2017


This happens often. You see a beautiful,seemingly healthy, plant in a store. You bring it home and a few days later kerplunk. This plant is suffering from transport shock, not from store to home but from wholesaler to store. Looks like you have a good placement for this plant in your home. Just do a little surgery by snipping off the affected leaves right to the cane. This will make you feel better when you look at it. Keep the soil evenly moist with your favorite bottled water...not from the tap....and wait for it to recover. If you take it back to the store get your money back but don't exchange it for another plant, the same thing will happen.

20 Jul, 2017

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