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My Lavender ( in a Tub) has lost its Colour,is that normal?



They do fade,as they age,Baytree29..maybe it's time to give it a light trim may get more flowers yet..

20 Jul, 2017


If you mean the flowers have faded, time to cut back - trim off all flowered stems, and take no more than an inch of foliage at the same time - less if your plant is new or very small.

20 Jul, 2017


thanks for the answers,its the flowers that have faded,I bought it in April

20 Jul, 2017


Then follow the instructions I gave in my previous answer - its important to take a little foliage when you cut back because lavender gets woody and leggy after 5/7 years - much sooner if you don't trim the foliage back a couple of times a year after flowering.

20 Jul, 2017

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