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My wisteria only has growth at the top of the stem. It almost died last year due to drought so any lower leaves withered and have not reappeared.
If I cut a nick in the stem will it encourage new growth?



Is it in the ground or a pot, Arbuthnot? Normally, good watering and a bit of food brings out side growth like gangbusters. Lack of light can make it spindly, too.

21 Jul, 2017


It's in the ground, Tug, but in the 'vee' corner of the triangular pergola close to a fence. I have been feeding it but can't see any new growth except at the top.

21 Jul, 2017


Sounds like it may be getting too much shade from the fence, except at the top. In the long run, you will probably always have little foliage there, since the vine isn't going to spend much effort on producing leaves in the shade.

21 Jul, 2017

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