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We are growing a sunflower (helianthus annus) which has produced six flower heads on the same stem. The original flower (and the biggest) at the top of the stem is now fading and losing petals. I am worried that the weight of the head will prove too much for the stem and would like to know whether to cut it off or wait until it dies back completely.



Have you staked the plant so it doesn't wave around in the wind? You can take the big flower off, keep it dry and feed the seeds to the birds in winter.

22 Jul, 2017


I think it's fine. I'd leave it be until the seeds ripen completely. I haven't seen one fall yet.

22 Jul, 2017


I purposely cut the main flower off the top of mine every year once the flower has faded, it encourages them to produce more blooms albeit smaller ones than the original.. As said keep the flower head and let it dry out, the birds will appreciate your efforts later when food is scarce....

22 Jul, 2017

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