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i had a pomegranate that was going off so i took some seeds from it and planted them in a pot of soil not really expecting anything to happen, now i have several different shoots appearing and i do not know which ones to pull up as i do not know what a pomegranate shoot looks like, maybe it's none of them. the shoots are currently 1/2 inch or less. is it possible to show a picture of a pomegranate shoot if not can someone describe what one looks like.
mike stanton



Your best bet is to Google Punica granatum seedling and compare what you have to the images there. I got mine as a sapling from a local nursery, so have no idea what the seedling looks like.

23 Jul, 2017


You'll need to wait until the true leaves appear as you can't usually tell from the seed leaves.

23 Jul, 2017

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