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I planted 4 giant sunflowers. Three have bloomed 'normally' but one has one large head made up of around 12 mini-heads. I can't see any like it online. Have I got a mutant on my hands?!

Img_20170724_212929 Img_20170724_212919 Img_20170724_180050



Yes it's a mutation caused by a virus of some sort. The same thing happened to my Coneflowers. Sorry I can't offer more than this, but it's a start.

26 Jul, 2017


Were these seeds you bought this year, or had you saved them yourself from plants last year?

26 Jul, 2017


Looks like you got lucky. Looks great!

27 Jul, 2017


Thanks for the replies.

It was a packet of seeds I picked up in the supermarket a few months ago. I'm wondering if the seeds from the mutant will produce the same...

28 Jul, 2017


Great discoveries were and are being made with the same kind of wondering that you are doing. Experiment by planting them next year.

28 Jul, 2017


Sunflowers often do produce multiple heads; the F1 hybrids don't, but in their second year (if the seed is saved) may well do so, that's why I asked if you'd used your own seed. But sometimes, an odd seed in the packet will produce one of these - and yes, if you save the seeds from this one, you may find you get one with even more heads next year. I think the record is over a100, but with that many, they tend to appear up the stem as well.

28 Jul, 2017


Thanks so much for all your responses

28 Jul, 2017

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