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is it a good time to cut back a pyrocanthis hedge ? or should I wait until Autumn ?



RHS advice is to prune a pyracantha hedge 2 or 3 times between spring and summer leaving as many berries as possible on the hedge so, yes you can prune now.

27 Jul, 2017


If it's got berries on then no. If you do you may lose the flowers next year.


27 Jul, 2017


Just trim the branches without berries on them,to keep it in will be fine.I need to trim mine often in the growing season,as I have other plants in front of it...

27 Jul, 2017


I have a long hedge of this across the front of the garden and have to trim it to keep it low, so we can see to get out of the garden! Never thought of that at the time. I cut it about three times a year, each piece cut seperately with secateurs to avoid cutting the flowers off and then the berries - big job as the hedge is long! More thought before planting needed but too late now. Cut it carefully to leave the berries and it will be fine.

27 Jul, 2017

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