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Could anyone please help me identify this palnt




Filipendula Rubra, commonly called Queen of the Prairie

29 Jul, 2017


its more likely to be Eupatorium possibly E cannabinum.

I grew it for about 10 yrs and the bees and butterflies love it. gets to about 4-5ft tall if in well fed soil.

29 Jul, 2017


Agree, Eupatorium cannabinum, common name hemp agrimony. There's another one, Eupatorium purpureum, commonly known as joe pye weed, with darker pink flowers. Useful, taller, later flowering perennials - you don't see it much in gardens here, its not that common.

29 Jul, 2017


I found a large stand of it wild on the SW wales coast a couple of years ago - took ages to get it identified!

29 Jul, 2017


Seaburngirl is right - she usually is! lol

30 Jul, 2017

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