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Morning all just walked around the garden the rain as stopped! Then see this in my rockery it looks like a fushia tiny pale pink flowers I did not plant it so is it a fushia noticed the leaves before the flowers thought it was a weed but didn't pull it out it wasn't my weeding day?

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It is a fuchsia, it looks like Whiteknights Pearl, a new one on me, fully hardy apparently.

30 Jul, 2017


You might want to re-site it if it is in your rockery... Impressed with your organisation if you only weed on specific days.

30 Jul, 2017


Thank you it's a mystery how it got !! Lol Moon growe iam not organised it's just I start weeding and get carried away ! so I usually set aside time and think I'll weed today ,now iam saying it it's sounds more like iam having "senior moments " ?

30 Jul, 2017


What a happy accident. I was going to suggest it might be Hawkshead, but Whiteknights Pearl is better. And more desirable if you haven't got a lot of space too...

30 Jul, 2017

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