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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

I have fallen in love with the balloon flower (Common name) I have failed to find them on line or in the garden centers Could any one give me advice on when you would find them available and will they be in plant or bulb form usually plants are in the garden centers when in flower as they are then appealing!! also what soil requirements they will need when I find them. I did find seeds on line abroad £1.99 but to send them would cost £20 so I stepped out of that commitment!!



I think you may be looking for Platycodon,which is commonly known as Balloon flower,Telme8..I saw some in our Garden centre only this week..If you type in 'Platycodon' in the Google search box at the top right hand side of the page,you will find lots of information,on where to buy and how to grow and care for it...Hope this helps....

30 Jul, 2017


If you do mean Platycodon, I've had a few of these down the years - sadly, never managed to keep them longer than a few months, but then I have to grow them in pots, maybe they prefer the ground.

30 Jul, 2017


We have them, blue pink, white and a lovely lilac colour.
They self seed for us as well. all except the unusual coloured one that is.

30 Jul, 2017


I googled P. seeds uk and found them on this link

30 Jul, 2017


Hi Telme8, how are you doing?
I've found them in packs of 3 roots from parkers mail order. I must say they did well for me in the ground for a couple of years.

30 Jul, 2017


Thanks ever one for your help I will follow up. A friend of ours has a big deep stone pot with Agapanthus in the middle and balloon flowers all around it is magnificent. He did not know what they were but said he dead heads them every day and they just keep coming. I was so impressed with them, so I looked them up on line to identify them and you are right with the botanical name. Thanks again. I
knew I could rely on you regulars.

31 Jul, 2017


Hi. If you are still looking for balloon plants I bought one in Morrisons last week. £2.
Then I found two hidden under a Geranium and a Heuchera that i planted earlier this year !

23 Aug, 2017

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