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Which type of runner bean is best for freezing.



Personally I've never had success tying to freeze runner or French beans. Broad beans yes and peas obviously... I don't think any variety will freeze better than another. Do a Google search of freezing runner beans for how to info.

31 Jul, 2017


According to my (fairly ancient) Will It Freeze book, the better varieties of runner beans for freezing are Kelvedon Marvel, Blue Lake White Seeded C1 and Romano C1. It recommends picking young beans, remove strings if necessary, slice thickly to prevent them being flabby and tasteless when you want to use them, blanch for 2 minutes, cool, drain and open freeze spread out on trays, once frozen, bag 'em up.

31 Jul, 2017


I think the blanching is important. They can go very stringy and unpleasant if you don't do it.

31 Jul, 2017


Thank you all so much for your help[. Most appreciated.

23 Aug, 2017

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