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Can anyone tell me what these white flowers are and if I can separate them when they stop flowering the companulas were to do with another question I asked to which I now know the answer (thanks bamboo)

Wp_20170731_14_06_47_pro Wp_20170731_14_07_22_pro



The look like Leucanthemum - there is a dwarf variety called Dwarf Snow Lady, but yours might be that or the taller one and are only short because they're in a trough, hard to say. And yes, they can be divided, in autumn.

The campanula looks like C. persicifola...

31 Jul, 2017


Hi I can see how you think they're in a trough but they're in the ground the fence is actually 3ft and the blooms are starting to fall over as I didnt stake them before the heavy rain they are the same height 3ft but thanks for telling me I can split them

31 Jul, 2017


Well, three feet, good lord - I'd estimate, from the photo, they're about 18 inches! Hard to tell scale I suppose

31 Jul, 2017


I have an old variety of leucanthemum that gets to about 3 ft too. yes I forget to stake them too. but yes divide in the autumn or in spring before new growth starts.

31 Jul, 2017


Mine used to get over 3 feet, its just the ones in the picture don't give the impression of being very tall.

31 Jul, 2017

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