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I'm in Ohio. I just had to dig up my Lenten Rose d/t construction and will be putting it back into the same place when the work is done. It is a large plant maybe 10 yrs old and I would hate to lose such a gorgeous specimen. It is now in a large pot with as much soil around it as we could get and I did not add anymore soil. It will be in this pot for maybe 1-2 wks before I can replant. Open to all instructions. TX.



Just keep it well watered, that's all you can do, assuming there's drainage holes in the pot (there should be) - if it starts wilting, this is likely due to root loss, so cut down the top foliage by two thirds to give the roots a chance to recover, keep watering. And water in well, and keep watering ,after replanting.

3 Aug, 2017


Well, it is now a month since I had to dig up the plant and it is still in the pot and I'm getting worried because we're now into Sept. Don't know if fall is a good time to put this is the ground. Would it survive being in a pot all winter?

10 Sep, 2017


I think you get pretty cold winters - it'd be safer to plant it in the ground asap rather than keeping it in a pot all winter, because if your winters are cold enough, there's a risk the soil in the pot will freeze and destroy the roots. Most plants do better planted in fall anyway, preferably before your first frost date.

10 Sep, 2017

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