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Hi! Can anyone help to identify this for me? Last year I moved house and cut down a tree that was shading it too much (I don't make a habit of cutting down trees!!!). At the time I was told it was a False Acacia. This regrowth is over 4ft in less than 2 months. It does not look like False Acacia from what I have seen online. In fact, the more I have looked online the more confused I have become. Answers from online tree identification sites have said Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior), Rowan (Sorbus Aucuparia) or Elder (Sambucus Nigra). I'm not so sure! Pls help!!! I am in Spain. Many thanks, Nina

Plant_1 Plant_3 Plant_5



I reckon it's Walnut (Juglans regia).

3 Aug, 2017


Thanks ... I shall look into that! Nina

3 Aug, 2017


Hi ... I've had a good look at the walnut online and it seems to have very smooth edges to the leaves but my plant has leaves with a slightly serrated edge so I'm not sure it is a walnut. I also looked at black walnut but that also has leaves with smooth edges. Do you have any more ideas Jimmytheone?! Thanks, Nina

3 Aug, 2017


Also, that leaf in the 2nd photo at the very end may be a mutant ... Most of the other end leaves are pointed bar one other!!!

3 Aug, 2017


Sorry Nina, perhaps someone else may have some idea, otherwise you might have to wait until it fruits or flowers or you may get hordes of squirrels descend onto your garden. That's off course if you have squirrels in Spain. (Sorry, I'm just being silly).

4 Aug, 2017


Hi Jimmytheone - well, I've never seen a squirrel here and I've lived here over 15 years, but we do get a lot of rats and giant dormice! (I live in Menorca - there are no badgers or foxes either as far as I am aware). I think you are right - I will have to wait for the plant to grow a little more and produce something more disctinctive in the form of fruits or flowers, unless anyone else has any ideas? If not, I will wait and see and get back on here when I can identify it better! Thanks for your help anyway, Nina

4 Aug, 2017

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