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I have just found this fungus in my lawn. Can any body confirm what it is.
I think it could be a shaggy Parasol mushroom.




Certainly looks like a shaggy parasol, I'd remove the fruiting body prior to it becoming 'inky' and producing lots of spores. Won't harm anything though and actually edible if you catch it at the right moment.

5 Aug, 2017


I think MG you are confusing the shaggy ink cap with the shaggy parasol. They are both edible though the ink cap is pretty bland. The shaggy parasol is delicious but doesn't agree with everybody and it doesn't go inky.. We have certainly enjoyed them and they make wonderful soup - much better than ordinary mushrooms. You can check whether that's what it is for sure when it opens properly because a parasol leaves a ring on the stem which is loose and you can slide it down the stem with a bit of an effort.
You are lucky!
The parasol opens out in the shape of a parasol, whereas the shaggy ink cap stays more columnar and never opens out to that shape.

5 Aug, 2017


You're right Stera.! I gave the correct name but incorrect description and, yes, they are great to eat. We harvested a field mushroom last week from the firing range at Fort George - over a foot in diameter and not a sign of a grub. Of course one of the best finds is a large puffball :)

6 Aug, 2017


Oh yes - I've only ever seen one large puffball (and enjoyed it) that was one heck of a field mushroom you found! - enough for a small family!

6 Aug, 2017


Yup used over two meals :)

6 Aug, 2017



6 Aug, 2017


Thank you to Moon grower & Steragram for your very useful information . Much appreciated.

7 Aug, 2017

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