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Help with pomegranate plants from seeds

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Hi there
I have grown some pomegranate plants from seeds. They are only out 3 inches tall at the moment and all in the same pot. I am about to transfer them into individual pots, but my main question is: should I bring them indoors for the Winter or leave them outside ( where I am afraid the frost/low temperatures may kill them off). I live in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.




according to the RHS 'Can be grown outdoors in a sheltered well-drained, fertile soil in full sun. Requires high autumn temperatures (13-16°C) for fruit to ripen.'

certainly in the south they ripen against a sunny wall in a sheltered spot. I've seen them in an old walled garden near the south coast but cant remember where. The soil requirements according to the RHS is that they are not fussy about it. I'd use a John innes type compost for them in the pots. it is heavier and doesn't dry out as quickly.

Personally I'd go for bringing them in doors until they are a good size.

6 Aug, 2017


Thank you for that, I think you're right. I was thinking along the same lines that it's best to be safe than sorry. To be honest I'm not expecting any fruit, I'm just amazed that they even sprouted and would be delighted if they even flowered ( as I've seen pictures of them and they do look quite spectacular ). Obviously fruit would be an added bonus.
Thanks again

6 Aug, 2017


you are welcome and I hope you enjoy being a member of this site.

6 Aug, 2017

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