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Dieback on Leucanthemum leaves. In this photo are four different Leucanthemums.Three are very healthy and one, the yellow one, has dying leaves. They are withered and moth eaten (not literally). Why one plant and not the others? Is it a disease? Should I move it?

On plant Leucanthemum x superbum

Dsc_0479 Dsc_0478



it could be slug damage as each variety may have a different 'taste'.
I think I'd lift it and put it into a decent sized pot with fresh compost and cosset it for a while. if it recovers then plant it again.

6 Aug, 2017


I think I will lift it. I had planned to winter it in the greenhouse. The leaves are brown and dried out too.

6 Aug, 2017


There was another Q today about damage to yellow Leucanthemums. They are very tasty slug food and mine disappeared overnight.

6 Aug, 2017


It did look as if something was eating it. Perhaps the yellow is the slug favourite. I grow Hostas so I can grow these.
It is so good to be able to chat about growing problems plants. Thanks.

6 Aug, 2017


I have dug it up and it is safe in the greenhouse. Thanks Seaburngirl and Stera.

7 Aug, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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