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My garden is buried under bind weed despite constant digging to remove the roots.
Could anyone suggest an evergreen low cover plant to help cover the soil and prevent it coming back.



Sorry that won't work.Nothing works except getting rid of the roots.
The roots can go down six feet so digging it out is not practical. Unless you want to poison your soil for quite a long tme unfortunately the best solution is glyphosate, because it is translocated from the leaves to the roots.

You don't say what sort of area you are dealing with or how dense the cover of bindweed is. Without more info I'd suggest you tackle one area at a time. Pull all you can off the plants in the selected area, trying not to break them off, and lay the stems down on the ground. Then spray that area all over with glyphosate according to the instructions on the pack. Do it on a windless day to avoid spray drift. Every time new growth emerges let it grow and try to train it up canes until there is a reasonable amount. The spray that again and gradually it will recede. It would be unwise to grow food crops on treated ground as some residue may be left in the earth.

It is a long slow job but patience and thoroughness will be rewarded eventually.

If you do want to grow food crops you could use a total weed killer which will kill everything and poison the ground for a year but it be ok eventually.

Edit: Forgot to say lay the canes flat on the ground before spraying and cover any plants you care about

6 Aug, 2017


I had a bed of pulmonaria that never had any bindweed in it -- it might work for you. Or pachysandra.

7 Aug, 2017


Steragram has made an excellent and very successful recommendation. I would follow it to the letter. The gycophosphate will eventually permeate into the roots killing it completely. Again, patience and persistence will pay off.

7 Aug, 2017


This year I tried growing them up bamboo sticks then treating them with systemic weedkiller, it sure worked!!

7 Aug, 2017


When you buy your glyphosate don't buy Roundup which is the same with more additives and a higher price. Look for this English spelling - Loosestrife is in the US where it looks as though it is spelled a bit differently.

7 Aug, 2017


No Stera it's a result of misplaced aim on the iPad keyboard and neglect to check my see there I go again:(

7 Aug, 2017


Lol Loosestrife, join the club! I thought it was a bit unfamiliar!

I hthnk spelluping is the result of typung much too fest - spelling/gallopng....I do it all the time.

7 Aug, 2017


Oh Stera! LOL! Please read my response to a question posted by a member July 29 "Why is my pear tree sapping on my truck" and you will see the other problem I am having lately and perhaps others too.

7 Aug, 2017


I read it at the time with great enjoyment ! I did enjoy the image of a tree sapping on a truck though didn't you?

7 Aug, 2017

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