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Identification (part 2!)
Wasn't able to add a photo to previous post so here's a closeup of leaf joint which I hope will help identificatiom




Well, I was certainly wrong about it having opposite leaves! The fuzzy stems are a useful datum, though. Slimdil, do you remember if this was deciduous last winter? It also looks like it was pruned heavily this spring, too. Is that true?

7 Aug, 2017


Yes I pruned it. I really am being so vague about this - I can't remember if it flowered and I can't remember if it was deciduous!!!!! Maybe I should just wait till Spring and see what happens.

7 Aug, 2017


When I saw your original picture, it reminded me of an azalea and now you say you pruned it last year, its like the one I have in my garden which when my sister lived here, she kept pruning it at the wrong time and it had lots of growth. It no flowers. Worth a thought.

7 Aug, 2017


Roaring up from the stump, the foliage isn't normal, but my present best guess is a Yellow Azalea (Rhododendron luteum), or one of it's hybrids.

8 Aug, 2017


Thanks for that - I'll leave it and wait and see!

9 Aug, 2017


Hopefully it will bloom next spring, though it might wait an extra year. With luck, it will start showing signs of flower buds--like little tight pine cones at the ends of the branches--within the next month.

11 Aug, 2017

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