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I have outside in the garden three potted miniature roses that were given as gifts and have remained outdoors ever since received so they are hardened. They are healthy a are in constant flower. Bringing them into the home will not be possible so I will be planting them in ground for better or worse. Should I dig them into my garden now or wait till they go dormant later in the year to do this?



I'd wait until they had finished flowering or at least until the weather is cooler.

7 Aug, 2017


Sounds like mid to late October for my zone....Thank You MG

7 Aug, 2017


It's actually fine to plant now. You'd be surprised how resilient a healthy rose is. They are selling like hotcakes at my local garden center all ready to go into the ground.

Also, you'd want the root system to be established before winter to prevent frost heaving. You'd be graduating the plant to more favorable growing conditions so plant shock won't be too severe. Add some Rose Tone (by Espoma) to the planting hole & keep it watered. You'll be fine.

7 Aug, 2017


Epsoma? That sounds like Epsom salts. I have a few boxes of that. I use eposom salts to soak my tired aching feet in from time to time. So it's not only good for my toeses it good for my roses too....sorry about that...thanks alot for the advice Bath.

7 Aug, 2017


if they are in pots they can go in any time. some people use a product to help them establish the roots that contains a Mycorrhizal powder.

7 Aug, 2017


Yes, Espoma, RoseTone does exactly that, but there are similar ones as well.

7 Aug, 2017

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