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Please could you recommend evergreen shrubs that do not grow more than six feet tall. Most garden centres do not give the ultimate height of their evergreens, only stating that in ten years' time they will be six feet tall!



the ten years time thing is normal for coniferous plants - evergreens not so much, so do you mean evergreen or conifer? It would also help to know what conditions they'll be growing in, in terms of sun, shade, where you are for clues about temperature range, whether they'll be exposed to lots of wind or very sheltered.

7 Aug, 2017


If you take access to the internet with you to the garden centre you can google the name of the shrub and add Height at Maturity - very useful!

Bear in mind that some that are potentially taller can be pruned to the height you want - eg Viburnum tinus.

7 Aug, 2017


there are plenty that suit this specification,
camellia, skimmia, acuba, euonymus, are 4 nice shrubs.

7 Aug, 2017

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