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Has any member on here got/ seen a 'Peter Ayliffe' Rose please.

I bought one last week from the garden centre and the label depicts a lilac rose. Buds have just opened and it looks a cream colour to me?



Oh dear. If you google Rose Peter Ayliffe, you're presented with several images, plus links to sites selling it. The photo provided by Dobbies shows a deep purple/lilac coloured rose; the photo provided by World of Roses shows a pale, pale lilacy cream rose. Clearly the Dobbies site has had their photos retouched to deepen the colour (fake, in other words), and I'm afraid its not unlikely that all photos of this rose have been 'enhanced' to increase the lilac effect. I assume it was not in flower when you bought it?

It may look a bit more lilac if the weather is bright and sunny though, just because colours do seem more vibrant in brighter weather. I've never actually seen it in the flesh, so perhaps someone else has one that does actually look lilac. I've never forgotten, back in the 1970's, my father in law's intense disappointment over Blue Moon, which, far from being actually blue as described, was a sort of insipid, faintly bluish lilac cream. Clearly the breeders are still trying really hard to get the gene for blue/purple into rose flowers, but it doesn't sound like they've yet got it right, if yours looks cream.

9 Aug, 2017


I did the same search Bamboo but I went onto the Dobbies site and it came up with that it is no longer for sale. As you say, maybe there has been a problem with the colour of rose they have shown.

9 Aug, 2017


Yea - the 'problem', as you so tactfully put it, is false advertising! But that might not be why they haven't got it, maybe it was a poor seller, or a good seller but they all got returned, who knows.

9 Aug, 2017


Lol. Long time since I've been tackful. But as you say, all the other ones show pale lilac. I've got a rose here that I at 1st thought was white but as it opened up more it turned out to be a very pale pink. Maybe the same will happen with this rose?

9 Aug, 2017


Maybe - I like your optimism, ha ha!

9 Aug, 2017

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