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My white African Violet turned pink. What's happening? I've had this African Violet for over 3 years and it's always bloomed white, but now it's blooming pink. Why did it turn pink and how do I get back the African Violet I've always known and loved? Both pics are the same plant.

pic 1 blooming now

pic 2 what it used to look like.

Untitled_4 Untitled_27



Hi Bathgate

sorry to say it will stay pink ,its stressed because they are or have been too cold or too wet , they revert to the colour of one of their parents. Still looks good to me.


9 Aug, 2017


hmm, well, I've always wanted a pink one; now I want a white one, lol! Thanks

9 Aug, 2017


It looks like it started out as a variety with variegated blooms--mainly white, with a few blotches of pink--and the main growing point has re-assorted itself, so that only the pink cells have survived. If you grow leaf cuttings from some of the older leaves, a few of the offspring will be the original color, along with some pink ones, and some that are striped or blotched white and pink.

11 Aug, 2017


Thanks for the explanation. I guess I'll have to learn to like the pink. I think I've neglected it for too long now I'm paying the price.

11 Aug, 2017


Neglect has nothing to do with it, Bathgate. It's primarily the luck of the draw. There is one way to stack the deck, though:
The upper picture is showing signs of being grown in very bright light. Plants use the pink pigment--anthocyanin--as a natural sunscreen, and cells in the growing point that were able to produce anthocyanins probably were able to multiply faster than the albino cells, gradually crowding them out.

11 Aug, 2017


OK so this is a permanent switch? I have it on my kitchen counter with windows on each wall - very very bright light.
Very interesting - thanks for the info. I'll just buy a new one.

11 Aug, 2017


Well, like I said, some of the older leaves probably still contain the necessary genes, but salvaging those genes will involve a lot more folderol than just getting a new plant. Hope you find a real beauty! :)

12 Aug, 2017


I've tried the leaf experiment. They all went folderol! Nice word lol thanks

12 Aug, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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