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Last year I was given a free pack of tulips with some others I'd bought. They turnout to be pink and yellow and white, (like an ice-lolly!) but after the first bloom they branched, so there were several blooms per plant. They were gorgeous and lasted ages and I would like to get some more of any colour but I haven't seen any at the garden centre or in the catalogues so far. Can anyone give me name or any information?



See if your local library has Anna Pavord's 'The Tulip' in the hardback edition from 1999. The paperback just has the Part I narrative. The hardback has a second part detailing species and cultivars.

10 Aug, 2017


Try 'Antoinette' PennyFarthing :)

11 Aug, 2017


The book certainly sounds worth a look. I'll enquire when I go into town, but I think you've solved the problem Cottagekaren--the pix of Antoinette might be a different shade but that doesn't matter. It's the branching tulip I'm after as they were so beautiful and lasted so long. I have 3 matching tubs on the back terrace but last year's free pack only filled one, so I'm definitely ordering 'Antoinette'. Many thanks both of you.

11 Aug, 2017


You're welcome! :)

12 Aug, 2017

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