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Lily ID please. These were planted by previous owner (for once not a tree that had been planted in the totally wrong place so I have to chop it down lol). I didn't get to see them in flower last year as Shadow was a totally naughty puppy and smashed through all my flower beds but thankfully starting to behave now he is growing up. Thank you Jen




Hemerocallis fulva 'Kwanso' I think - its a day lily.

11 Aug, 2017


Thank you Bamboo, slowly getting to know most of the plants now in this garden.

12 Aug, 2017


You're lucky there were so many nice ones already, although we don't all like the same plants, for sure...

12 Aug, 2017


Too true, it's like there is 3 spiraea under the ornamental cherry tree right in the middle of front lawn. Am thinking about taking them out as there is also another one in front garden and I would like something a bit more summer colourful there as it is very prominent. Hubby wants to replace with 3 Roald Dahl roses as David Austin's nursery is only 30mins drive from my house.

12 Aug, 2017


Won't they suffer from too much shade under a cherry tree? And cherries do not like root disturbance, most of the roots are pretty close to the surface. Nice rose though, looked it up.

12 Aug, 2017


Think tree is on way out. It looks really good in spring but as soon as flowers finish then it starts to lose all it's leaves. Done this the last two summers. Did post question on it last year but couldn't come up with reason. Leaves get like black spots then fall off. Look like Red robin leaves do from winter damage. I am at a loss what is wrong with it. If it does survive, the bed is fairly big so roses would get light. From trunk of tree to edge of border is about 5ft and it is a circular bed.

12 Aug, 2017


I scrolled through and found your previous question on the cherry tree from last year - from the image and description of symptoms, it sounds like Cherry leaf spot. From the RHS link below, there's no treatment, but there should be fungal white patches beneath the leaves as well as purplish spots and early leaf fall. All fallen leaves should be collected up to prevent over wintering - it apparently varies in severity from year to year, but doesn't sound like it kills the tree.

12 Aug, 2017


Thank you So much Bamboo! We really thought it was on it's way out. Hubby will be pleased that it's not yet another tree that has to come out. :-).

13 Aug, 2017

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