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Oh heck don't know whats happened today but I appear to have lost all my boxes for writing in, on all the blogs I have no way to add my own comment, only thing appearing underneath the comments is the word flag, is anyone else experiencing this..I have tried reloading the pages to no avail and even rebooted the laptop, that didn't work either, oh and the contrast has changed also, haven't changed anything myself...



Try reloging in to GOY. What's happening is only in the blog section, right?

11 Aug, 2017


The site is very slow on times recently. I have to keep opening a new tab and even then it's very slow ... even slower than me lol

12 Aug, 2017


Hywel it seems okay again today but because of what happened before I was even considering opening a new account to see if that would work, that is on hold yet again..

12 Aug, 2017


I agree with Hywel's experience - this is the slowest site of any I use or visit these days. Probably needs a coding rewrite...

12 Aug, 2017

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