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For Loosestrife...
It won't let me answer you on my question but I have tried that a few times..Thankyou though..



I've had trouble with the site today,not the same problem you''ve got, but it keeps logging me out - had to sign in three times today, one of those was in the middle of reading a question, it suddenly logged me out...

11 Aug, 2017


Hi Bamboo, seems to be alright this morning, I didn't get logged out, its really weird and wonderful at times, I knew it was only on here but don't like to change things in my settings in case I mess everything else up, now have the correct colour scheme and all lines and boxes back again so should be able to comment, I gave up last night in frustration, funny thing is I was able to put a photograph up....

12 Aug, 2017


What a relief it is when something technological sorts itself out!

12 Aug, 2017


LOL, I didn't quite reach the stage whereby the laptop was in danger of getting launched...

12 Aug, 2017


It is extraordinary now I think about it - the only thing that brings me to that state of frustration and fury fairly quickly is actually technology failing. I nearly threw my new digital television recorder out the window the other day... seems to have settled down now though!

12 Aug, 2017

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