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By Westyp

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My chrysanthemums have all come up blind (no flowers) this year ,can you tell me why



It seems a bit early to know that, yet. In my experience, the buds don't start forming until the nights are longer, as in September.

13 Aug, 2017


I agree with Tugbrethil. Just leaves for now, flowers come later - same for Asters.

13 Aug, 2017


yes it is too early they tend to start forming buds from now on and in my Yorkshire garden start flowering October / November.
how long have you had them and are they in the ground?

welcome to GoY by the way. :o)

13 Aug, 2017


If you bought them blooming this time last year, they were likely tricked into early bloom by manipulating the day length in special greenhouses with aluminum curtains. That is also a consideration if mums are grown too close to porch lights and the like, since they can delay or prevent bloom.

14 Aug, 2017

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