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Is anyone able to tell me what variety of acer this is please? I'd like to plant it out in the garden and would like to know approximately how big it will get. Thanks

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has this tree been in a very shady spot? Its difficult to decide what it is, it might be one of the purple leaved palmatum types, but just hasn't had enough sun, or its suffered a bit of drought here and there and the leaves are changing colour before they fall.

13 Aug, 2017


Thanks for your reply. It's been in a partly shady spot recently, but has been in different positions and has always been this blend of colours. Before the leaves fall they go a mixture of oranges and reds.

14 Aug, 2017


In that case, its impossible to identify it - it's clearly an Acer palmatum variety, not a dissectum, so all I can do is guess that it will likely not get over 10 feet, and maybe not taller than 8 feet, but it will spread around 4- 6 feet eventually.

14 Aug, 2017

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