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By Gralew

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I was recently given this plant as a "Euphorbia". I have searched in my plant books but cannot find a Eurphorbia resembling this plant, can you identify please?
Thank you

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I would swear it's a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, but I'm not 100% certain. Some Euphorbias look like this too. Try googling it and see what you think.

14 Aug, 2017


Sorry, Bathgate, it actually is a Euphorbia: I used to sell it out of the succulent section of the nursery. Unfortunately, I can't remember its proper name now, Gralew, so I will be taking some time to sort through images. Hopefully get back to you soon.

14 Aug, 2017


I thought that was also a possibility Tugbrethil. Glad you solved it.

14 Aug, 2017


Aha!! Most likely Euphorbia cyparissias 'Fens Ruby'.

14 Aug, 2017


Yes that's it Tugberthil. I've got it in my garden. I was told it would spread a lot so I keep it in a tub.

14 Aug, 2017


I have this in the garden and have always taken it with me through all my moves around the country. When I was tiny (many decades ago) there was an old lady who had this lining her front path and we were told it was fairy trees. Hence it has a memory attachment and I always have it, it does spread but can easily be removed.

14 Aug, 2017


Yes it spreads, and the smallest piece of root left behind starts again. Definitely safer in a tub.

14 Aug, 2017


Thank you all for your comments,I would never have believed it to be a Euphorbia hence my question.Thank you Tugberthil for naming it....I like to know the varieties of plants in my garden, I shall label it asap! and keep it in a pot!

15 Aug, 2017

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