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I love my Dwarf Robinia pseudoacacia . . . does anyone know if there is any way that I can propagate it as I'll really miss it when we move house?!



Found this on the net
Step 1

Cut small new-growth branches with a leaf node near the cut. Branches should be at least 8 inches long, but can be longer.

Step 2

Dip the cut end into rooting hormone. Allow the powder to stick to the cutting.

Step 3

Plant the cutting in a mixture of 50% sand and 50% vermiculite. Water well. Keep cuttings at a temperature of 70 to 75 degrees F.

Step 4

Mist the cuttings frequently with a spray bottle and keep the soil damp.

Step 5

Be patient. Rooting can take 3 months or more.

Though the seeds germinate quite easily but it may not be 100% identical due to it being seed.

15 Aug, 2017


If on its own roots--not grafted--root cuttings taken early in spring may be easier, with a lower mortality rate. That may cause more suckering from the mother plant, though!

15 Aug, 2017


Many thanks Seaburn for taking the trouble . . . I'll see what I can do.

Thank you Tug . . . I've missed the Spring though as we'll be moving house within a few weeks.

16 Aug, 2017


Well, you can take them any season, but they sprout fastest in the spring

16 Aug, 2017


Thanks again Tug.

18 Aug, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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