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what is the best potatoes to grow outside for xmas and how late can i be to grow them



Charlotte is considered to be pretty good, you'll need to order the seed a.s.a.p. and get it chatted and into the ground or large pots. Don't know about Norfolk but we couldn't grow tatties for Christmas - to cold and wet!

15 Aug, 2017


Although garden centres are keen to sell small quantities of potatoes to give you a crop of new potatoes for Christmas, I have to say that in my opinion it would be a waste of time. The temperature outside is starting to drop together with damp nights which will encourage late potato blight together with the possibility of early frosts and a short growing season. So personally, I would save you time and money a not bother.

15 Aug, 2017


Have to confess I agree with you Jimmy - it really is a mugs game.

16 Aug, 2017


I have heard of folk growing a few in big pots in a greenhouse though.

16 Aug, 2017


Didn't seem to have any flavour to me the one year we tried, probably because of the lack of sun!

16 Aug, 2017

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