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Hi. Me Again.
Can someone ID this for me please? It's up to my shoulders, think it may be some sort of tree or a large shrub? :o))

Img_3175 Img_3176 Img_3177



looks like a laurel or bay of some description but I may well be wrong.

16 Aug, 2017


Thank You but leaves are thin unlike bay or laurel, thanks for coming back to me anyway :o)) x

17 Aug, 2017


A willow perhaps?

17 Aug, 2017


yes a willow would fit the bill.
I take it you didn't plant it then?

17 Aug, 2017


No I didn't, I have another one growing too, I think the birds must of pooped it LOL x

17 Aug, 2017


or they have blown in on the wind. that would also fit for willow too.

17 Aug, 2017


Confused as I thought a willow hangs its branches downwards, these ones are upright?
I'll try and get a better pic of the plant & take it up against a white wall :o))

18 Aug, 2017


depends on the species of willow Ladyessex.

18 Aug, 2017


Oh! Right, Thanks Seaburngirl for the info x

19 Aug, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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