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Another two for identification, please. Wild flowers in my garden and I love them. Is the yellow flower a type of buttercup? Many thanks. x

20170820_133928 20170820_134005



Top one is Pilosella aurantiaca (fox-and-cubs, orange hawkweed, but don't know the second one.

20 Aug, 2017


The hawkweed is very invasive!

20 Aug, 2017


The yellow one is also a hawkweed.

20 Aug, 2017


The yellow one could be Mouse-ear Hawkweed, Pilosella officinarum, which has leaves with long white hairs. Or lots of other dandelion-type species!

20 Aug, 2017


It would help with the second one to see a pic of the whole plant. There are so many of these and its hard to learn which is which.

20 Aug, 2017


If is is mouse eared there should be red stripes on the back of the petals.

21 Aug, 2017


Sorry for my late 'thank you' for identifying the plants. I've been ill recently and this is the first time I've felt well. Thank you all for the ID's. xx

28 Aug, 2017

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