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Does anyone recognise these the beans were given to me as runners.they have only grown 4ft.and dont taste good,too stringy.

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There are varieties of runners that have white flowers. In the 2nd photo it looks as if the beans are starting to go to seed... when did you plant them and where do you live in the UK?

22 Aug, 2017


It would be better to pick them well before the beans grow fat, unless you are growing them to dry the beans for later.
The pods normally get stringier as they mature. unless you are growing a stringless variety.

22 Aug, 2017


These are a bit like the ones you get in the supermarkets, flat with wavy edges showing the beans. I think they are called 'pole beans'.

22 Aug, 2017


I'm thinking that they are an Italian variety of snap bean, left on the vine too long.

23 Aug, 2017

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