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Gallardia ( arizona red )
Hi all.
I'm looking to revamp a small area of the bowling green border, approx 1mt x2Mt's. At the mo we have iris towards the back and osteospermums going along the front. The flowering period of the iris is very short and has always finished by the time the judges have been. Has anybody tried the Gallardia arizona red, its on one the shopping site for goy. I'm a bit wary about trying " new breakthroughs". Also thinking of replacing iris with Campanulas. Your thoughts Please.



I haven't tried this plant, but I do know that Gaillardia's a fairly short lived perennial, around 2-3 years only, and won't survive a winter in wet or heavy soil. Not sure what you mean by your reference to judges, I assume you want something that will be in flower whenever these judges appear?

22 Aug, 2010


Yes Bamboo, I need something that will be flowering July onwards, its the annual borough in bloom competition, and we are awaiting results for this year. Do loads of annuals in tubs, pots, etc, but wanted something more lasting and colourful that I can rely on for a few years.

22 Aug, 2010


I can see why you were interested in Gaillardia then - have a look at Crocosmia Lucifer or Red Devil, and there are other hybrids of that too, Fuchsia, either hardy such as Madame Cornelissen, Mrs. Popple, Margaret Hunt, these should flower from July, or any of the half hardy fuchsias if you want to replace them each year. Phygelius should be in full flower in July too, if you want something taller and semi evergreen.

22 Aug, 2010


Thanks Bamboo, We have got a few fuchias scattered around , but will definatly check the others out.

22 Aug, 2010


Crocosmia are corms, and grow swordlike leaves, so can be planted in amongst other plants, such as Fuchsia, they take up very little room and C. Lucifer gets quite tall with brilliant red sprays of flowers.
Also check out Coreopsis - bright yellow flowers on perennial bushes throughout summer.

22 Aug, 2010

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