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Mmmm! I can't get into Private Message? This keeps coming up, the other day I had someone asking for me to email them that wasn't a member but it looked suspicious so ignored it.
This id the message from Growsonyou.......

We've made a mistake
Looks like something isn't quite right with Grows on You.
Please try again, and we're sorry for the inconvenience.



PM is working fine for me. I'm no techie but I'm inclined to believe the problem is your internet provider or connection, not GoY. Otherwise we'd all be having the same problem.

23 Aug, 2017


someone else commented on this in a blog yesterday. I had it for one day last week but it was fine the next day.

23 Aug, 2017


I've experienced that with the whole site occasionally, and other times, just bits of it, I certainly recognise that message ... hopefully it'll right itself, otherwise, contact admin. If its your internet or wifi, you can check that by going onto other sites to see if there's a problem with them - its usually GoY.

23 Aug, 2017


I get it sometimes too.It soon puts itself right again, sometimes immediately if you try again. Re the email request, there are a few "funny" folk occasionally. You did the right thing to ignore the message.

23 Aug, 2017


I still can't get in there, I was having a nice chat with? Oppp's I for got her name, there was also as I said another message from someone but looked a bit doggy? They wanted me to email them but I didn't just in case?
I have been on Contact Us but haven't heard from anyone as yet. Jackie x

Iv'e sent them another message, I have noticed I have this at the end of Ladyessex1! :o( wonder why ! is there?

24 Aug, 2017


I got the doggy one too. That was spam. I flagged it.

24 Aug, 2017


8 days now & I still can't get into "Private Messages" also not a Dicky Bird from the Messages I sent in Contacts? ;o((
Sorry to the Lady I was in contact with ;o((, we were having a nice Chin Wag too :o)).

30 Aug, 2017


"dicky bird" lol!

31 Aug, 2017


I give up, Growsonyou haven't replied to my messages I sent them 3 times in Contact Us :o(( so no more Private Messages for me ;o(

3 Sep, 2017


What a pain - I see you've created another ID for yourself, Golden Girl, in an attempt to get round the problem - only thing to do really, isn't it.

4 Sep, 2017


Ha! Ha! Now you have all got two of me LOL, I can now argue with myself LOL x

4 Sep, 2017


Mind you keep it polite then Golden Essex...

4 Sep, 2017



4 Sep, 2017

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