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Can I cut down the finished flowering stems of Salvia 'Amistad' in the hope it it re-flowering again this year?
(Nearly finished flowering, so want to enjoy these whilst I get the chance).

Just purchased this for £2 at Homebase (such a bargain when it was originally at £7.95 so I was eagerly checking it would get reduced and it had today!)

How do I go about getting cuttings on this? Do I leave it in the greenhouse covered or uncovered and with/out rooting hormone?




Yes, do remove and you might get more flowers.

23 Aug, 2017


Look for any non flowering shoots, or if there aren't any remove what flower buds there are on the cutting you select, Remove all but the top few pairs of leaves, cutting the stem just below where the bottom ones were. Put the cutting(s) near the edge of your pot and cover with a plastic bag or something to keep the atmosphere humid, avoiding letting the leaves touch the plastic. Keep it semi shaded and avoid either drying out or getting too wet. If you notice any more flower buds appearing on the cutting remove them.

23 Aug, 2017


Thanks for your replies, Moon and Stera.

I wonder if I can root the cuttings in a half-tray and a lid over the top? Or is the pot with a bag over better?

23 Aug, 2017


I guess it depends how many you have and what you mean by a half tray. If you use a lid make sure there is plenty of room above the cuttings - if the space is too small you might encourage mould. And leave some space for a bit of air circulation. I think a bag is easier to manage this with but its up to you.This summer as an alternative I've tried standing a pot on one of those plastic meat trays that you buy chops etc in. Then I balanced over it one of the clear plastic ones with holes in eg the sort you get grapes in. Just choose the cover to suit the height of the cuttings. Leave plenty of space over the cuttings and don't cut off all access to air circulation, while keeping fairly high humidity. If you have a lot of water running down the cover its too wet

If you are taking several cuttings I would put them all round the sides of one pot rather than in a tray as for some reason they seem to root better like that. A half pot can work well for this.

23 Aug, 2017

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