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I have cut my Cordyline in half it was 8ft so in half now done this 4 weeks ago .the trunks with the roots are oozing sap moisture from where I have cut ?? Should I seal the trunk to stop this ie a trunk sealer / paint ??
Now the tops I have put in pots and planted in soil . Stil seem fine some leaves have drooped and fallen off .
I have put one bit of stump in a bucket of water up to ten roots shooting out now so going to plant it .Another one thought dead so put on compost heap in March left there dug out the other day 4 big shoots with leaves !!
These plants are undistructble .



No, don't seal the cut stumps - this practice has been discredited and is no longer recommended. Its a little late in the year to have done this, best time is June, but what's done is done. The only thing to say is, the cut you made should be at an angle to allow rain to run off. The bleeding will stop eventually.

23 Aug, 2017


I would dust the cut with cinnamon to reduce chances of infection, and nothing more--unless it isn't slanted as Bamboo recommends.

24 Aug, 2017


Thanks guys for your help . Yes I. Cut them straight !!
Looks like the saw will be back out tomorrow !!

I will be back on later in the year.



24 Aug, 2017

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