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We have two plant pots that keep getting the flowers and tops "snipped" or eaten. First we had geraniums in there & we noticed ant nests under them. Removed all the soil, the nests, cleaned out pots & replanted Inpatiens in there. I also placed slug pellets around the top.
Three weeks later the same has happened again.
Can you please tell me what is causing this & how we prevent it.

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Muntjac deer? Rabbits, possibly?

24 Aug, 2017


Same problem and found it to be rabbits!

24 Aug, 2017


You will have to get up very early & watch! Or set up a camera.

24 Aug, 2017


I'd go rabbits too. they have the habit of taking a mouth full then move on. grrr

24 Aug, 2017


It looks like rabbit damage to me, too.

25 Aug, 2017

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