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If growing indoors and in propagators is it possible to start plants off particularly from seed at any time of year l am thinking of the more intreaging plants like cordalines bananas flax bird of paradise to name but a few.



Yes, but the difficulty comes when they germinate. Once growing the plants would need good light (sun light rather than artificial unless you have growlights) and warmth. Difficult to provide those over winter. That is why seeds of the plants mentioned are normally sown in Spring.

26 Aug, 2017


I agree with above. If you start them too early under the best conditions, they just grow, and grow, and grow and grow and grow. Then you have a monster to deal with, that just keeps growing and growing.

26 Aug, 2017


If the bananas and bird of paradise do germinate, it will be because there is enough warmth. If the Bird of Paradise has an orange beard, it needs to be removed because it will prevent germination. It took a year for mine to sprout, so good luck.

27 Aug, 2017

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