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What is this big white ball? It crept in from my neighbor's garden. It's still on the vine. Some sort of squash or melon? An ostrich egg? What is this please? thanks

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It looks like a half wild honeydew melon, Bathgate. What do the leaves look like?

27 Aug, 2017


Thanks Tugbrethil Here is a pic of the leaves. I just took it now. lol

27 Aug, 2017


Yep, it's a honeydew relative, anyway. The closest match that I can find is the Japanese sprite melon, but it may be a hybrid of many types. If it's a sprite, it should be very sweet when ripe.

27 Aug, 2017


Thanks You.

27 Aug, 2017


I responded to this but my post doesn't seem to have been added.
Did you repost this as I'm sure Loosestrife added a comment too?

28 Aug, 2017


Yes I did.

28 Aug, 2017


that reassures me I'm not in the early stages of dementia then haha.

28 Aug, 2017

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