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Is there a moth or butterfly that eats my alstroemerias as I have not found any lily beetles?



No, nothing - Alstroemeria are not lilies, they're not even in the same plant Family, despite their common name of Peruvian lily, and as such are not prone to attack by lily beetle. They suffer slug and snail attack, root rots sometimes, but that's about it.

27 Aug, 2017


Not fully sure, but I'm in the process of treating one of my mother in laws Alstroemeria (Indian Summer) for maybe the dreaded vine weevil. It appears healthy enough, but something is having a right munch on it. Both ragged edges and holes mid leaf. Not seen any offenders to be able to nail it down yet, as the one I have has no issues as to yet? But I do have one that has died back due to unknown reasons

27 Aug, 2017


I think vine weevils only eat the edges of leaves not the middle Kev. They make irregularly shaped holes with neat edges. Are you sure your problem isn't slugs or snails? slugs will eat holes in the middle of leaves as well as the edges. Go out in the evening after rain - that's when you're most likely to catch them at it if its them.
Moths and butterflies don't eat plant leaves so they are in the clear!

27 Aug, 2017

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