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I don,t have a greenhouse so what can I do with snap dragon seeds I have just collected?



Seal them in an envelope and store somewhere dry and cool, sow in seed and cutting compost in trays early spring indoors on a windowsill, pot on as they grow, plant out when risk of frost is over, see here

28 Aug, 2017


In a nutshell Bamboo. You make it sound so simple.

28 Aug, 2017


You haven't put your county on your profile so I don't know if this is helpful or not - but here is West Wales they self seed and pop up all over the place and you could sow them outside now. If you get harder winters than we do you can't go wrong with the above advice.

28 Aug, 2017


thanks. I live in the northeast near Newcastle. uk.

29 Aug, 2017

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