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By Colter

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

What cuttings can i take now to increase my meagre plant collection? Last year I took loads and only a few made it, laurel and pyracanthea (less than a dozen out of about 60)



What do you want to take cuttings from? The advice varies according to what it is.

28 Aug, 2017


what plants are you growing now and what do you want more off?

28 Aug, 2017


Anything last year was my first attempt and was advised the best yo start with, amwillingbti buy mother plants, have an acre and rabbits devour just about everything love evergreens or variegated shrubs to go against fences, garden is south facing, full Sun for just about all the day, hence no shade

28 Aug, 2017


In that case take a look at Google - just type in rabbit proof plants for heaps of suggestions. If you are also wanting to propagate plants you have already you'll need to say what they are really. Sounds as though you have a great site for a garden (apart from the rabbits...) If the garden is south facing the side of the fences facing you won't be - are they west, east or north facing?

28 Aug, 2017


Hi steragram thanks for your reply and yep south facing only one side fence has a shadow part of the day caused by large oaks, chestnut and other trees, theses are outside my border the others are open as fields behind, allotments one side and neighbours laurel the other (which is where they are going to build 24 houses with at least 7 of them backing directly onto my boundary, running from top to bottom) hence looking for planting large shrubs trees etc, evergreen you would think with allotments next door rabits would leaveme alone greedy beggars!

29 Aug, 2017


Perhaps when the houses are built it might discourage the rabbits anyway. If you have access to a reasonable library have a look at some books that have shrub suggestions in them.
This question looks familiar - there is no need to ask questions more than once and I think you've asked this one three times? Maybe I'm confusing you with somebody else but I'm sure we discussed the permissable height of hedges and the possiblility of planting terees away from the hedgeline?

Re the cuttings, where are you planning to get them? If you are using your own shrubs we do need to know what they are as advice will vary for different ones.
What did you do with the ones that were successful? (ie what method did you use)

29 Aug, 2017

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