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Advice on transplanting in heat: I mistakenly planted an abutilon hybridium (flowering maple) in a spot that was getting morning sun through the winter/spring but is in an extraordinarily hot microclimate in our So. CA summer (Zone 10a). It is getting scorched, poor thing, and wilting terribly and never perks up. 101 degrees today. My question is if it is advisable to transplant to better location now, or wait out the heat and try to avoid the heat shock. It was such a beautiful plant. :( (Wish I had picture but don't at the moment). Thanks!



I would put a few stakes up and fasten some shade screen to them to make an open sided ramada over it. It's best to leave at least 6 inches of air space between the shade screen and the plant. When the temps reduce a little in the fall, go ahead and transplant.

29 Aug, 2017


I agree with above

30 Aug, 2017


yes shade it for now and give it extra water. as it loses water from its leaves by evaporation that will help to keep it cool.

30 Aug, 2017

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